Gord Ferguson was born in High River Alberta in 1953. He learned about materials and fabrication while working in his father’s hardware store and subsequently enrolled in the Sculpture Program at the Alberta College of Art in 1972. He continued his studies in Sculpture at the University of Montana, Missoula where he graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree in 1981.

Gord Ferguson is primarily interested in sculptures made from found objects and producing gallery installation works. He has completed a small number of public sculpture commissions and has an interest in public art and public spaces.

GordFerguson's HatHe has said, “I look carefully at the numerous simulations and fabrications that people construct to provide a sense of focus, purpose and cultural richness in an otherwise chaotic world. I’m interested in corporate behavior, conformity and hierarchies of value. One current interest is in using commercially produced objects, materials and images to examine the attitudes, behavior and cultural values of those who made them. Design, fashion, language, tools, architecture, furniture and advertising are all embedded with cultural clues and biases. It seems to me that one can learn a lot about how people think by looking carefully at the things they produce and consume.”

Gord Ferguson is currently on faculty in the Sculpture Program at the Alberta College of Art & Design in Calgary Alberta Canada. He has a lengthy list of exhibitions and was the recipient of 2 Canada Council Arts Grants to support his studio research.
Gord Ferguson’s work is represented in many museum and private collections across Canada.



Agnostic, Assemblist, Chiseler, Carver, Caster, Critic, Darwinian, Fabricator, Farmer, Foodist, Fuser, Glisser, Hammerer, Mechanic, Molder, Occasional Expert, Planer, Polemicist, Practician, Shaper, Skeptic, Socialist, Spatialist, Tinkerer, Tutor, Wealsman